Digital Commerce Security Awareness Training

Be Cyber Aware is an initiative developed as part of the ENSURESEC EU-funded project within the

Be Cyber Aware provides free Cyber Security Awareness training content (videos and text) as well as assessments on your own Cyber Security Awareness as well as an option to register for a series of simulated (fake) scams to test your own vulnerability.

Please enjoy using the website and we kindly ask you to share our website with people who you feel may benefit from being more Cyber Secure Aware.

Phishing Awareness Training image

Phishing Awareness Training

Have you ever received emails telling you that you received an inheritance from an unknown relative or a password update that you never requested?

QRishing Awareness Training image

QRishing Awareness Training

QRishing is a phishing type attack implemented through the QR code, it works by hiding malicious software or fraudulent websites in the QR code.

Strike Through Pricing Awareness Training image

Strike Through Pricing Awareness Training

We all know how to recognize when a product is on offer, but we are not always sure about the legitimacy of this discount. A misleading price can mislead consumers and influence their behavior on the services offered for sale.

Smishing Awareness Training image

Smishing Awareness Training

This type of attack has remained relatively obscure until recent years. Consequently, we are all potentially victims as owners of at least one mobile device.

Equivocation and Manipulation Awareness Training image

Equivocation and Manipulation Awareness Training

85% of people who buy products online are unaware of misleading information. We therefore need to be more aware of manipulative practices used by e-commerce store owners.

Fake Reviews Awareness Training image

Fake Reviews Awareness Training

Reviews represent for users a proof of the reliability and quality of the product and the online store. It is not always certain that these reviews are written by real users or users who have purchased the actual products reviewed.