Digital Commerce Security Awareness Assessments

Phishing Scam Assessment image

Phishing Scam Assessment

In 2021, over 80% of cyber attacks were of the phishing type, and is therefore the most common type of scam techniques.

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QRishing Scam Assessment image

QRishing Scam Assessment

A QR code otherwise known as a quick response code is an image represented by a square with a series of black squares on a white background.

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Strike through-pricing Scam Assessment image

Strike through-pricing Scam Assessment

The unique characteristics of the internet with its digital environment, have made it a fertile ground for deception.

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Fake Reviews Scam Assessment image

Fake Reviews Scam Assessment

In recent years, with the increase of electronic commerce, the possibility of misleading or deceiving consumers has increased exponentially.

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Equivocation with manipulation Scam Assessment  image

Equivocation with manipulation Scam Assessment

The growth in use of the internet has allowed millions of people to have daily access to masses of information on products available online.

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Smishing Scam Assessment image

Smishing Scam Assessment

In 2006 the term Smishing was coined to define a type of phishing attack carried out via SMS text messaging.

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